Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A message from Halftime Huddle’s founder

I want to take a second and recap how HTH got started, and also let you all know where we are headed in the future. But before that, I want to thank everyone who has made this endeavor a success to this point. I look forward to building new relationships as well as creating new opportunities with everyone in the future.

On March 3rd I remember sitting in my living room thinking about creating a Website/ Social Community that was new, fresh and engaging. But I also wanted it to be something I would enjoy being a part of. After racking my brain for a few days I asked myself, “What could I create that hasn’t been already created?” I also asked myself, “What is it that I could use in my life to make things easier?” The chances were if I needed it, others would too.

I looked at a variety of options until I realized that the idea I was looking for was something I felt very passionate about. A community where die-hard sports fans of all ages could join, and discuss their views on the latest topics and games around the league. I knew the demand for another informational sport site wasn’t needed, but what about a place to go to discuss those topics? A place for people just like me to voice opinions and rant and rave to each other, no matter how old we are, what race or gender. That was when Halftime Huddle was born.

As with all ideas, they are just ideas until you get the people together to make them great. I knew I needed an eye catching brand, website and above all a marketing campaign that would be fitting for me, and my targeted audience. I decided I was going to contact a company called Greenline Creative. Greenline Creative specializes in working with small to mid-sized businesses; they are young, share the same interests and above all feel strongly about the idea. They have put together the brand, are working on the website with the help of some developers, and created an initiative that revolves around various Social Media Websites, and traditional ways of getting the name to the sports fan. Through this process they have been great to work with, and I recommend them to anyone.

As a long time fan of sports, I believe in my mind that fans come first. And that’s what HTH is all about, making the Fans number one. We go out and spend our hard earned money to fill seats every Sunday, buy extra channels to cheer for our favorite teams to only sometimes get the chance to see them make that big game called the Super Bowl.

Yes, I want to bring sports fans together from all over the world to chat about all the topics around the National Football League, but beyond the chat function I want to try and create a community and experience that is rooted in the game. We will always be expanding Halftime Huddle, to ensure it never gets old. We will have many features such as timed chat rooms that work like time-clocks in the game, the ability to trade team members based on their performance and participation in the website, API’s to link into other top social media sites, so our users can tell their friends what they are chatting about on HTH. We are also looking for our fans to give us feedback on what they would like to have on the website. It is our community, so lets make is something that we all want to use. Feel free to post your suggestions below in the comments section; we would love to hear them.

Nothing is created over night, but I have put together a team of people who are working diligently on getting this out to everyone to enjoy in the next few weeks. We want this website to be great. We want it to be something everyone shares in, we want it to be functional, so although we were aiming for the kick-off to pre-season, we felt we owed it to everyone to delay the launch in order to make it right the first time.

During the development of the website, I encourage everyone to view our blog, follow us on Twitter and become a fan of ours on Facebook to keep current on the progress and other important news around the league.

Thank You all again, and I hope to see you all very soon in the chat room.

Thanks Daniel Field

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